Rejection Letter #4

Dear Author:

Based on your email query we have decided not to pursue representation. We thank you for contacting us and we wish you success in finding a publisher for your work.

Cordially 100th Literary Agent

I’m thinking about turning to a life of Internet crime. I thought after I finished writing my book that I could write to a publisher, they’d love my query, give me a $20,000 advance, and I could move to L.A. and live the Hollywood life among the other young and poor.

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I mailed off another proposal to Redbone Press today and I emailed four other agents. I found another potential publisher who deals primarily with black and/or gay and black writers. Had I known I had to write queries, proposals, chapter summaries, and research similar books, I would have done so along with writing the book. It took me three years to complete The Taste of Scars. I’m going to research more smaller presses and university presses.



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2 responses to “Rejection Letter #4

  1. Keep trying! Ask for reasons for rejection. It might help tighten up your book. Or read books on marketing to help promote yourself and book. Someone might find you that way. I know how it is to want something very badly. Have you gone to book store and just written down all the publishers of gay books?

  2. victor yates

    Thank you Disco.

    I feel better reading your comment. Yesterday, I felt awful. I just want to get published.

    I need to rework my query letter. I have postponed sending out more query letters until I finish the new letter.

    I like your marketing suggestion. I started this blog as a tool to market myself but I am not utilizing it to its full potential.

    I have been scouring amazon for lgbt books and looking at their publishers. I discovered three publishers yesterday on amazon.

    Thank you again. I hope all of your dreams are fulfilled as well. And a dream really is a wish you make with your heart.

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