3 new query letters or my vision board sucks

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I read “The Secret” about a year ago. In Secret, the author suggests that the secret to everything you want in life can be yours and the way to get it is to change your mind. Or change the way you see yourself.

Bend yourself, not the spoon.

If you think you’re a writer you will be a writer. You have to visualize, conceptualize, and do things necessary to get your writing published.

One step is to create a vision board. Put the things you want most in life on a board (my board is a wall). You’ll see the board everyday and it will make the universe realign and give you what you want.

The things I want:

  • I want a literary agent
  • I want to be published
  • I want to pay off my credit cards
  • I want to move to Los Angeles
  • I want to visit Brazil

It’s getting harder and harder not to get discouraged. I sent a query letter to an agent at 10:30am today. She wrote me back in 5 minutes.

Apologies not for me.

I want a life without waiting for someone else to tell me I’m worthy. I want a life without worrying how I am going to pay my rent. Some days, as a gay black man, it seems easier to escape everything. Move away from the city. Move to Spain or Brazil and start running drugs or stripping or surfing or selling ass on a webcam.


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