yeah x 3: i just got signed to a book publisher

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hardwork does pay off in the end. i starting writing my first book, the taste of scars, in 2005 while working for two newspapers while living in ann arbor. newspaper writing was my life. i stopped working for the newspapers to focus on writing the book. at times, i thought why am i doing this. in 2006 after the first draft was finished i submitted a query letter to a literary agent at writer’s house in nyc. he nicely wrote this letter.

Thanks Victor, but I’m afraid this isn’t right for me. By the way, the manuscript looks too short. Most novels should be closer to 70,000 words at least.

i was devastated but kept writing (2007) and kept writing (2008) and kept writing (2009) and kept writing (2010) and kept writing (2011). 45,000 more words, 50 drafts, and 10 new added chapters later my best friend sent me an email to check out a small publishing company, AddisonCraft, in Houston. I sent them my revised (40 drafts) query letter. About a week later they requested the first two chapters and a headshot. In March, I received an email that they wanted to sign me and publish my book.

In my head I saw book tour. As an artist (word artist) I believe art doesn’t exist until it is viewed, read, or heard.

The scheduled release date in June 2011. I will put up a schedule of the book tour. The first stop – Miami.


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9 responses to “yeah x 3: i just got signed to a book publisher

  1. kindamixedup

    i can feel the excitement. Congrats 🙂
    And I agree, art needs to be seen, read, heard, touched even in some cases in order to exist.

  2. Victor Yates, writer

    yes you are so right. i love museums and galleries that have workshops and touchable art to create…….

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  5. Congrats! My two cents of advice: Don’t rely on your publisher to do the publicity. They may do some basics, but you need to beat the bushes to spread the word, get more readings, find interesting venues to speak at other than bookstores (clubs, associations etc.)

    • Victor Yates, writer

      Thank you so much Ilana for the comment. You’ve given me something to think about. I am going to start a list of places that I can do readings at starting in cities where I have friends so I can sleep on the couches and not pay for a hotel. Have a beautiful day.

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