McDonalds Violence in Baltimore: The Bigger Monster – Ignorance

A vicious attack videoed titled “Two Black Girls JUMP A Becky Inside McDonalds . . . They Beat Her SO BAD . .. She Had A SEIZURE!!” posted by Mediatakeout last week shows how hatred can be cancer-like spreading out of control in what seems like seconds.

The cell phone video painfully unbearable to watch doesn’t provide a backstory. What you see is Chrissy Lee Polis, 22, punched and kicked and dragged on the floor. The backstory. Chrissy Lee Polis, a transgendered woman, rushed in the Baltimore County, Maryland restaurant to use the bathroom.

“A guy approached me and asked me how I was doing,” Chrissy said in a video interview posted on the Baltimore Sun website. “I said not now. I went to use the bathroom. I come back out and the girl spit in my face and she approached me and said are you trying to talk to my man. I said no.”

One of the attackers drags Chrissy across the floor to the front entrance as the other attacker kicks her. An elderly customer tries to stop it but is pushed away.

While the attack happened McDonalds employees stood back and watched. The attack goes on for about three minutes. At the end of the video Chrissy goes into a seizure and spits blood all over the entrance to the restaurant. Vernon Hackett, the cameraman, a McDonalds employee yells, “She havin a seizure yo” and tells the attackers to “get out of here” because the police are coming. Saying this stops the attack. In the video Vernon and other employees can be heard laughing.

“I knew they were taping me; I told the guy to stop,” Chrissy said.

According to the Smoking Gun the cameraman posted the video on YouTube “with comments that appear to blame the victim for being transgender and trying to use the restroom. The employee further accused the transgender woman of faking her seizure.” From YouTube the attack video went viral and ended up on WorldStarHipHop, Mediatakeout’s partner site. The video violated YouTube’s posting policy and was deleted. Vernon took credit for posting the video on his Facebook Page, which is no longer active.

Chrissy’s gender identitywas known to the attackers. The attack appears to be a hate crime. “But Baltimore County prosecutors will consider this week whether to prosecute the attack as a hate crime, which carries stiffer penalties than an assault charge,” authorities said.

The attackers are 14 and 18. The 14 year-old has been charged as a juvenile in the beating, while charges are still pending against the 18 year-old. Authorities declined to release their names.

In a press release McDonald’s wrote “There’s no room for violence under the Golden Arches. We strongly condemn the videotaped assault in one of our Baltimore franchised restaurants” and the company fired the 22 year-old cameraman. McDonald went on to say “appropriate action regarding other employees will take place as warranted.” created a petition for McDonalds to “include gender identity/expression in their non-discrimination policies” to protect transgendered employees and customers.

Last February, Tyra a transgendered woman born Anthony Trent was found asphyxiated in a vacant city-owned home in Baltimore.

Sadly for Chrissy Lee Polis the McDonalds incident is not the first time she’s been assaulted.

“I want to cry, but I need to hold my head up,” she said, adding that she’s been beaten and sexually assaulted in the past because of her sexual identity.

On Monday, April 25, local residents plan to hold a candlelight vigil outside the restaurant where the attack took place.

Interesting enough, in Maryland where the attack happened HB 235 or “the bathroom bill” was being voted on. HB 235 “prohibited discrimination based on gender identity with regard to housing and employment and by specified licensed or regulated persons; altering an exception for employers relating to standards concerning dress and grooming; providing specified immunity; requiring State personnel actions to be made without regard to gender identity or sexual orientation; defining the term “gender identity”; etc.”

According to the blog Right Coast if passed the bill would’ve allowed “adult males (dressed as females and vice versa) will be allowed to use the ladies room – thus putting small children and females at serious risk of being abused, molested or worse.”

Sponsored by over twenty-five politicians HB 235 was first read to the House in January and the Senate in March. On April 6th the bill was recommitted back to the committee on the Senate Floor. Translation it’s dead.

The bill affected the following Statutes:
State Government
( 20-101, 20-101, 20-101, 20-401, 20-402, 20-602, 20-603, 20-604, 20-605, 20-606, 20-608, 20-702, 20-704, 20-705, 20-707, 20-707, 20-1103)

State Personnel and Pensions
( 2-302)

What’s the bigger issue or monster at hand? Ignorance. People do not understand what they do not know. Large-scale education and guerilla-style protest/advertising is what the LGBT community needs to prevent more attacks like this.

Check out popular Baltimore YouTuber, transwoman, and Baltimore native AEONfarr’s commentary below:


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