E. Lynn Harris’s new book, No One In The World, will be released June 7th

E. Lynn Harris’s impact on the literary scene is still felt after his death.

Fans of Harris’s books who are craving more can get more with his new book, No One In The World, which was co-wrote by RM Johnson. Johnson wrote The Harris Family, The Million Dollar Divorce, and Why Men Fear Marriage.New E. Lynn Harris Book

“This is the book E. Lynn and I have been planning on writing for five years, and thankfully, we finished it,” Johnson said. “We couldn’t wait until the day came to share this with all of you–our beloved friends. That day is fast approaching. I hope you enjoy it.”

The review is below:

Cobi Winslow, a handsome, well-educated district attorney, knows nothing about the life of his estranged twin brother Eric Reed, a career criminal raised by the foster care system. Following their parent’s death, Cobi searches and finds his brother in hopes to regain lost years. Soon thereafter, Eric’s former prison cell-mate, Blac, becomes entangled in the twins’ lives. Trouble quickly follows.

Meanwhile, Cobi navigates the pressures of society as he lives a life in the closet. The stress comes to a head when he learns that in order to inherit the wealth of his father’s estate, and save the struggling family hair care business, he must marry a woman before the age of thirty-five. The seemingly impossible task becomes more difficult when Cobi’s sister suggests paying Austen Greer, the once successful, wealthy and extremely independent business woman to be his wife. After losing everything in the recession, in order to survive, Austen must consider the indecent proposal.

Eric discovers Cobi is gay when he stumbles upon his brother during an intimate moment with a handsome senator. After promising Cobi secrecy, Eric entrusts the discovery with his ex-cell-mate, Blac. Blac endears himself to Cobi, in hopes of securing a $150,000 loan from him to pay back a debt racked by cocaine sales.

As the clock expires on Blac’s efforts to pay his lethal debtor, and Cobi’s attempts to save the family company, rash moves are executed, family and friendship bonds are tested, and life altering sacrifices are made.

Click on the link to pre-order your copy of No One in the World: A NovelMulticultural Romance Books).



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4 responses to “E. Lynn Harris’s new book, No One In The World, will be released June 7th

  1. zara

    Not sure if I believe E. Lynn really wrote this. He died two years ago…this seems strange since he never ever collaborated on a book before with an author. He always wrote as a solo act.

    • Victor Yates, writer

      I don’t think his camp would have let it get released if he didn’t co-author the book. e. lynn did work on an anthology and did help out several upincoming black authors.

  2. kendra johnson

    I read the book “No One in the World” and it was a good read!

    You might like “Down Low Baller” …click on link below…http://www.amazon.com/Down-Low-Baller-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B0054DR3YE/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_t_1

  3. Cynthia

    I LOVE THE BOOK!! I can’t stop reading it but I have no choice at work! : ( Can’t wait to finish it tonight RIP E. Lynn Harris you are truly missed by readers!

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