Interview with Actor/Writer Tishuan Scott

The 20th annual SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, recently wrapped up, showing hundreds of independent and Hollywood movies and from all the movies presented, one stood out – The Retrieval, directed by Chris Eska and starring Tishuan Scott.

I talked to Tishuan about his role in the film and its media comparisons to Quentin Tarantino’s Django.

In The Retrieval, based in 1864, a 13-year-old black boy is sent north by a gang of bounty hunters, lead by a vicious white man, to retrieve a wanted man, Nate, played possessedly by Tishuan.

“Horror King” Bill Oberst Jr. (of Grindhouse, Machete, and Death Valley) plays the head of the bounty hunter gang and his portrayal is as terrifying as it is quietly brilliant.

The film follows Nate and Will (Ashton Sanders) as they walk North and navigate the complexities of survival and self-interest.

Together the cast of talented actors create a powerful work that sits as a document of life during the Civil War. Sitting, watching the movie, at no point was I pulled out of the movie. The movie, written and directed by Chris Eska, was in the Narrative Feature category, with Short Term 12, William and the Windmill, and Burma.

At SXSW, Tishuan won Special Jury Recognition for Acting in The Retrieval.

The supporting cast includes: Keston John, Bill Oberst Jr., Christine Horn, and Alfonso Freeman.

Click on the interview to learn more about this amazing new project and for more information on The Retrieval go to the website, The film, however will be at the Phoenix Film Festival and the Langston Hughes Film Festival in Seattle.

Also if you liked Django or any of the above mentioned movies, check out some of these below:



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2 responses to “Interview with Actor/Writer Tishuan Scott

  1. Victor,

    Thank you so much for interviewing Tishuan Scott and sharing his talent with the world. He deserved that SXSW Best Actor Award 100 times over for his work in The Retrieval. I’m honored to have been in the company of Tishuan, Ashton Sanders, Keston John, Alfonso Freeman and Christine Horn; the finest ensemble cast I have ever had the privilege of working alongside. Chris Eska has made a film of true meaning and stark beauty. Your coverage of it is most appreciated.

    very best regards,
    Bill Oberst Jr.

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