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black lgbt artsy event: orlando: june 5: books and brunch literary workshop @ orlando vista hotel

Books and Brunch, Orlando Black Pride

Books and Brunch, Orlando Black Pride

June is the official Pride month. Each week there seems to be a Pride celebration happening across the states. Orlando Black (gay) Pride is May 31 – June 5. The event I’m most excited about is Books and Brunch, hosted by Kat Williams, host of Sipping On Ink radio show (Blog Talk Radio). Books and Brunch is a literary workshop featuring G. Winston James, Fiona Zedde, Cheril N. Clarke, Spoken, Ortis Randolf, Sherry Michelle, Skyy, and Kat Williams.

Kat William’s Sipping On Ink Interview With Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene

Event Description:

Kat Williams will be moderating a discussion on writing and how to get published and each of the featured authors will talk about their experience getting published. Guests will have the opportunity to chat with the authors and purchase books for signing. The event is a teleseminar. If you can’t be there you can see it as it happens at Orlando Black Pride.

Fiona Zedde On Gender/Race/Sexuality For black./womyn.:conversations

Location: Orlando Vista Hotel, 12490 Apopka Vineland Road

Date/Time: Sunday, June 5, 2011, 11am-2pm

Price: Only $20 entry and brunch or $10 entry only (The brunch will include: Mimosa, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Chicken & Vegetable Kabobs, Home Fries, Texas Rice, Caesar Salad, Rolls, and Coffee)

Go out and meet all the authors. Tickets for the event can be purchased http://www.orlandoblackpride.eventbrite.com or http://www.orlandoblackpride.com. Please purchase in advance as space is limited.

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the wink and the nod: a poem

I wait for it
the wink and the nod

hand to waist
it’s dark enough
for this to be ok

come this way
no come this way
he walks his way

if I walk his way
we might be seen

he walks back by
hand to waist
a nod
come this way
no come my way
he walks my way

he takes my hand
and we’re dancing
this is the first time
I’ve done anything like this

is this the right place

for two men to stand

so close




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Lee Daniels’ “Precious: Based On The Novel PUSH By Sapphire” Honored With Toronto International Film Festival’s Cadillac People’s Choice Award

Clareece 'Precious' Jones played Gabourey Sidibe

Clareece 'Precious' Jones played Gabourey Sidibe

Rare Double Audience Honors From Sundance and Toronto Film Festivals Join Prix Du Jury from Deauville American Film Festival In Film’s Mounting Festival Decoration

Santa Monica, CA (BlackNews.com) – LIONSGATE® (NYSE: LGF), the leading next generation studio, announced today that Lee Daniels‘ “Precious: Based On The Novel PUSH By Sapphire,” has won the Cadillac People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. The award was announced at the festival’s closing ceremony.

Jury Prize (Cannes Film Festival)

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Daniels, who is currently in Spain where the film premieres at the San Sebastian International Film Festival this evening, provided a statement presented by Laurie May, co-President of the film’s Canadian distributor Maple Pictures, which read in part:

“First and foremost, I would like to dedicate this award to Cameron Bailey, whose support of me, and belief in my work from the beginning with The Woodsman, Shadowboxer and now Precious is unparalleled. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the Toronto audiences as well – this award holds such an important meaning to me because I made this film for every person out there who ever looked in the mirror and felt unsure about the person looking back. This is not an art film for a select few, this is a movie that I hope everyone can relate to. There is nothing more special than being honored by the public, by my peers.”  See more A.T.J. Continue reading


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snapshots of an unpublished life



my cell phone rings. it’s birthday boy. i look at his name. i reach to press the talk button and stop myself. i’m not answering his calls. i’ll call him tomorrow. birthday boy said we’d hang out saturday when we talked on wednesday. we talked on thursday and friday. saturday-nothing. sunday-nothing. he called monday twice. i didn’t answer. i think two days of silent treatment is enough to generate a new brain cell for birthday boy to remember victor hates being stood up.


i sent my editor the seventh draft of my query letter yesterday. i got an im from him saying he didn’t get it. i forwarded him the email and sent the query letter in fragments through im.


read dlisted

New York Apartment


on a depression scale i feel very dickinson almost peeking to hemingway


i print out chapter 15. i made a note to myself to revise chapter 15. chapter 15 was chapter 2 in the first draft of my book. it’s one of my favorites. it talks about the oppression of gays through two historical characters


i finish working on chapter 15 and move to 20. chapter 20 is not a favorite chapter of mine.


my editor hasn’t responded yet.


chpater 20 is becoming a favorite chapter.


i finished 20 and move to 23.

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