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To Live and Thrift in L.A

How thrift stores help the community

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries

Thrift stores to Los Angeles are like Reality Stars to Hollywood, they pop up announced and are always in line for a comeback. Public reception of resale stores has drastically changed during recently. Even more so when the recession hit in 2007.

According to America’s Research Group, a research firm, about 18% of customers will shop at a thrift store during a given year. While 21% will shop at major department stores. In the country there are more than 30,000 thrift stores, with the majority being in California, Texas, and Florida.

Kisha Roby, an Accessory Designer, from Miami said, “I started shopping at thrift stores eight years ago.”

Kisha went on to say, “I like finding one of a kind vintage items.”

“Thrifting” is a multi-billion a year industry. The largest vintage store, Goodwill, operates over 2,650 stores and has an online auction site, like Ebay, where stores, not individual sellers, post items to bid on like Chanel clutches and scrimshaw hunting knives. In Southern California there are seventy-one independent stores.

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Interview with Diary of a Natural Gal

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For my Diary of a Natural Gal Style Files interview, I worked with an amazing crew to shoot the pictures. The photographer was Garen Hagobian and the stylist was Rico Cherry. I can’t wait to post the full interview here. Here is an excerpt:

Kisha Roby: I would describe your style as sultry school boy, where do you draw inspiration?

Victor Yates: Is that a good thing (laughs)? I use to only wear black and gray. That’s it. Then my best friend started picking out clothes for me that I wouldn’t normally wear. I went from school boy realness to wearing cowboy boots, with khaki linen cut off shorts, and shirts and sweaters from the 80’s. I love 80’s Adidas shorts, vintage designer clothes, and conversation pieces. Today so many things inspire me. I like patterns, textures, and bold colors and mixing things together that the average person might think is strange. Since moving to Los Angeles my thrift store obsession has grown. Buffalo Exchange and Wasteland are my top thrift stores in L.A. But out here thrift stores are like coffee shops.

Kisha Roby: When did your passion for writing begin? What is your ultimate dream for your writing career?

Victor Yates: I started writing poetry at 14, after reading Maya Angelou’s work. I loved libraries and would read a lot. Also, my mother loved books and she would buy books for me as well. I remember trying to read The Firm, by John Grisham, and not being able to understand it. I hope to write quality fiction books and venture into short stories and writing plays.

Photographer: Garen Hagobian
Website: http://www.motonicausa.com/photo.html
Number: 323-459-6100

Stylist: Rico Cherry
Email: rico243@yahoo dot com

Interviewer: Kisha Roby for Diary of a Natural Gal

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