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Check out my Interview with George Unda from “Where The Bears Are”

I sat down with actor, George Unda, from the hit web series, Where the Bears Are, to discuss his role as Detective Martinez and being a queer person of color within the larger bear community on the show. Other queer people of color who have appeared on the show include: Margaret Cho, Ray Singh, Karamo Brown, Bruce Daniels, Piankhi Iknaton, and Dylan Hafertepen. Unda also talks about memes, Guillermo Diaz (of Scandal), and much more.

Where the Bears Are is a comedy-mystery web series, which premiered in 2012. The series was created, written by and stars Rick Copp, Joe Dietl and Ben Zook. Currently, the series has three seasons. Unda became a cast member during the second season. As Detective Martinez, he works with Detective Chad Winters (Chad Sanders) as his partner.

The show has been described as a cross between The Golden Girls and Murder, She Wrote.

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Los Angeles Pride: A video tour

Being a polysemic word, Pride means something noticeably different between members of the LGBT community. Whether it is getting the masses to sign a human rights petition, dressing in drag as a cultural protest, being able to safely hold hands with a loved one in public, or donning a colorful ensemble, these acts represent Pride. L.A. Pride is a smorgasbord of the above times twenty. It is the largest gathering of the LGBT community in Southern California.

The most attended event during the 2013 L.A. Pride Celebration was the parade, where more than a hundred organizations walked. The Pride festival, immediately following, held in beautiful West Hollywood Park, featured live entertainment on multiple stages, headline performances, various dance venues, and thousands of people. A nice addition to Pride this year was Momentum, a large-scale light and interactive installation in collaboration with ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, Impact Stories, The Mazer Lesbian Archives, The Lavender Effect, and The Colors of Compassion. Momentum was curated by INSTALL:WeHo, a queer art non-profit, .

In the video tour, I ask, “What is L.A. Pride?,” and hope to answer the question.

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black lgbt artsy event: orlando: june 5: books and brunch literary workshop @ orlando vista hotel

Books and Brunch, Orlando Black Pride

Books and Brunch, Orlando Black Pride

June is the official Pride month. Each week there seems to be a Pride celebration happening across the states. Orlando Black (gay) Pride is May 31 – June 5. The event I’m most excited about is Books and Brunch, hosted by Kat Williams, host of Sipping On Ink radio show (Blog Talk Radio). Books and Brunch is a literary workshop featuring G. Winston James, Fiona Zedde, Cheril N. Clarke, Spoken, Ortis Randolf, Sherry Michelle, Skyy, and Kat Williams.

Kat William’s Sipping On Ink Interview With Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene

Event Description:

Kat Williams will be moderating a discussion on writing and how to get published and each of the featured authors will talk about their experience getting published. Guests will have the opportunity to chat with the authors and purchase books for signing. The event is a teleseminar. If you can’t be there you can see it as it happens at Orlando Black Pride.

Fiona Zedde On Gender/Race/Sexuality For black./womyn.:conversations

Location: Orlando Vista Hotel, 12490 Apopka Vineland Road

Date/Time: Sunday, June 5, 2011, 11am-2pm

Price: Only $20 entry and brunch or $10 entry only (The brunch will include: Mimosa, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Chicken & Vegetable Kabobs, Home Fries, Texas Rice, Caesar Salad, Rolls, and Coffee)

Go out and meet all the authors. Tickets for the event can be purchased http://www.orlandoblackpride.eventbrite.com or http://www.orlandoblackpride.com. Please purchase in advance as space is limited.

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flava works sues sizzle miami

Flava Works, Inc, the controversial black/Latino gay pornography company, is suing Sizzle Miami’s parent company. Dated March 9 2011 the court papers show ” Flava Works seeks to “recover damages arising from infringement of Plaintiff’s copyrights and trademarks in its creative works by the Defendants.” In other words, using “multiple images of its models for its website and email blasts, as well as a print publication, to promote Sizzle Miami last year.” Sizzle Miami is a black gay circuit party in Miami during Memorial Day Weekend which attracts thousands.

FlavaMen Blatino Awards ceremony, Atlanta, Geo...

Phillip Bleicher with Tocarra Jones and Warren Bullock at FlavaMen Blatino Awards

Last year it was advertised that Flava Works would host a Hot Body Contest and Pool Party. However Flava Works moved to D.C. Black Pride according to a statement by Flava Works. Both Sizzle Miami and D.C. Black Pride fall during Memorial Day Weekend.

“The Flava Works models DeAngelo Jackson, Flamez, Baby Star and Ace Rockwood, who were slated to be part of Miami Sizzle, will all be attending DC Black Pride instead and will be available for autograph signings,” the statement read. “FlavaMen’s Hot Body Contest and Pool Party have also been made to fit the DC Black Pride lineup.”

“We apologize to all the fans who booked their tickets to come to Miami for this and other FlavaMen events during Miami Sizzle, but due to scheduling conflicts, we had to change venues at the last minute,” Flava Works Operations Manager Warren Bullock said. “We hope all our fans will be able to join us for a fun time in D.C.”

Flava Works relocated to Miami in 2006 after a very public report by the Chicago Department of Public Health was released concerning “a high level of sexually transmitted diseases” among the models of Flava Works most popular website Cocodorm.com. Other sites owned by Flava Works include PapiCock.com, ThugBoy.com, CocoBoyz.com and FlavaMen.com.

In 2007, Flava Works and Derrick L. Briggs partnered with Sizzle Miami for an open-forum discussion on “Online Hook-ups and Sex” which Atlanta blogger Darian Aaron attended and enjoyed.

“Sizzle Miami has a history of violating others’ copyrights and saying sorry later,” CEO Phillip Bleicher told JRL CHARTS, a gay film industry website. The company “used copyrighted photos of their performers Baby Star, DeAngelo Jackson, Matrix and Xavier Vega in order to increase its profits.”

“Dwight Powell and Sizzle, Inc. had no right to use our intellectual property to promote their products and services. By doing so it diluted our valuable trademarks and is causing confusion among consumers that believe Flava Works endorses his products. We filed this lawsuit as part of the overall process to vigorously defend and protect our copyrights and trademarks,” Bleicher said.

Sizzle Miami’s partner company Platinum Planning Group is owned by Dwight Powell and Luis Medrano.

In 2008, Flava Works won a copyright suit against DGSource, Gairoo, ISTackPorn, and internet forums for $350,000.

It is uncertain how the Flava Works/Sizzle Miami suit will turn out.


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The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Gay Man

spanish man road crosser

Image by jbiddulph.com via Flickr

I walked in knowing I shouldn’t have gone. Gay clubs are depressing when you don’t drink and when you’re alone. I met a guy, a Spanish guy, name Alberto, last Thursday at a straight bar. He grabbed my shirt as I walked by. We danced together. He wanted to dance. I didn’t. It was so uncomfortable. I imagined no one was looking. Alberto sent me a text message. I’m going to the club. I want to see you I responded. He didn’t respond back. I called. He didn’t pick up. I decided to go. Two the women at the cash register gestured with her fingers. Her hair was teased and gelled and curled in a circa 1980’s redneck do. I looked at around. The red lights accentuated the smiles of the older men at the closest bar. The older men were posted at the front bar. Inside, the younger men crowded around the larger bar. I passed two empty rooms. The feeling in my stomach dropped. I couldn’t see Alberto. I scanned the front of the bar. Henry. I could spot Henry anywhere. Henry is a man I see off and on. I knew I would see him. Even though he claims he hates the gay club. He whispered in the ear of a waif twink. The feeling tightened. I wanted to leave. I looked back at the red room. A hat floating caught my eye. Between the hat, a cute, chubby face. Alberto. He walked into the other room, circled the bar, walked past Henry, gave him a look of recognition, and walked around. We hugged. I think I going to leave I said. I just got here. I need a drink he said. He walked to the bar in the red room. I pulled out a chair in between both rooms. Henry was gone. I looked over. I couldn’t see Alberto. I saw Henry talking to a different man. I walked behind me. I wanted him to hug me. He walked to my side, in front of me, and turned around. I didn’t see you he said. Whatever I said. He extended his arms out. I turned away. Don’t be shady he said. I hugged him the way I wanted to hug Alberto. Tight. Close. Intimate. I wish more gay men hugged like this. I called you. You didn’t pick up he said. Whatever I said. Don’t he said. I’m leaving in a minute. Let me find my friend and I’ll leave too. I looked around for Albeurto. All I saw were single men everywhere. I felt disgusted. Why aren’t more gay men in relationships? I looked around again. There was nothing else left to see.

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