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Music: Live Show Preview – Mika

Origin of Love Album Art

Origin of Love Album Art

The first time I heard of the singer Mika was on Perez Hilton’s blog and since then the refreshing pop singer has transformed himself and his artistry into a global brand. I spoke with Mika, for Campus Circle magazine, in a quick phone interview about his tour stop in Los Angeles. The intimate interview is below:

After the global success of his visually striking Imaginarium tour, Mika is back with a more stripped down yet equally delicious show for his faithful fans. The airy singer will be performing at the El Rey Theatre on March 27. Mika spoke to Campus Circle excitedly about his upcoming show in L.A., which is part of his new North American tour. For anyone who has not had the pleasure of attending one of his concerts, Mika described his live performances as theatrical, stemming from his childhood experiences of attending church in London. Interesting enough, his performances tend to follow the order of a church service. Traditionally, church services open with praise and worship, followed by a greeting, an offering, communion, the message, prayer for needs, then the closing, which can be dressed in dramatic make-up and the more dramatic, the more beautiful. Beautiful can describe a Mika show, but psychedelic sing along is much more accurate.

The standing room only show at the El Rey Theatre will be realized in the same way as Mika’s last concerts. Standout set designs from the Imaginarium tour, were the moonscape and outer space sequences. This time around for his new North American tour the microphone, piano, and guitar are front and center. Think old-Hollywood lounge singer: low lights and Mika in shadowed profile, white starched shirt, fedora hat, with animation creating a playful narrative behind him.

Mika said to bring the set to life he will start planning out the design with the stage technicians at the El Rey and in about four to five hours the set will be complete.

The art deco theatre is an effectual match for this intimate concert and is in harmony with the artistic products that Mika has created as of lately including: the dreamy “Origins of Love” music video directed by Christián Jiménez shot in Chile, the colorful Luvluvmi Doll made in collaboration with DEVILROBOTS, and the breathtakingly gorgeous Imaginarium tour book.

The North American tour kicked off in Vancouver, British Columbia on the 22nd of March and ends mid April in Boston. Altogether there will be seventeen live shows, with the state of California having the most shows in the U.S. (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Solana Beach).

Curious MFers (Mika Fan Club members) will be delighted to know that the only cover song that Mika will be performing at the El Rey is “Popular Song.” Originally composed by Stephen Schwartz for the Broadway musical hit Wicked, “Popular Song” is not really a cover, but more of Mika’s sugary interpretation of the Galinda song made popular by Kristin Chenoweth. MFers can expect to hear Mika’s more radio-played songs like “Grace Kelly,” “Love Today,” “Relax (Take It Easy),” “Rain,” and “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” as well as across-the-board fan favorites such as “Billy Brown,” “Lola,” “Stardust,” “Love You When I’m Drunk,” and “Blue Eyes.”

Mika - Relax, Take It Easy -Re-Release-

Mika – Relax, Take It Easy -Re-Release- (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In shows for his first and second albums, Mika said he often performed cover songs, and with the release of his third album, The Origin of Love, Mika pulled from his own catalogue of music on the Imaginarium tour and even cut out an opening act.

When we asked the singer, from where do you pull inspiration to create your work, he answered with “from anger and vengeance,” which he transforms into infectious bubblegum pop tunes. Continue reading

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GBM news Top 15 Most Powerful People of Color in LGBT Community

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Image by Indiewench via Flickr

Nathan James of GBM News compiled a list of the “Top 15 Most Powerful People of Color in the LGBT Community” in response to MSN Wonderwall’s article on the “The Most Powerful Gay Celebrities.” Included in MSN Wonderwall’s list TMZ creator Harvey Levin, Blogger Perez Hilton, music legend Elton John, actress and TV Host Ellen DeGeneres, fashion consultant Tim Gunn, and Interior Designer Nate Berkus . The list did not however include one people of color or a transgendered person.

“The list’s lack of diversity is representative of the ongoing problem of limited gay and transgender visibility in minority communities,” stated Kimberley McLeod, GLAAD‘s Communities of African Descent Media Field Strategist.

A commenter from GLAAD’s website said “I believe there’s something called ‘racism’, whether conscious or unconscious. MSNs people are either extremely ignorant or plain lazy in their researching–which amounts to racism by any other name. And, one pathetic and detrimental reality is that too many of us white folks still only see who looks like us.”

One celebrity of color who made Nathan James’ list, Ricky Martin received the Vito Russo Award from GLAAD at their 22nd Annual Media Awards (presented by Rokk Vodka) on March 20 2011 in New York. GLAAD also presented Russell Simmons with the Excellence in Media Award. “The Excellence in Media Award is presented to individuals who, through their work, have increased the visibility and understanding of the LGBT community in the media,” according to GLAAD. Simmons “has repeatedly spoken out on issues of concern to the LGBT community, urging Americans to support full equality.” Essence.com received the Outstanding Digital Journalism – Multimedia award for “Bridal Bliss: Aisha and Danielle” by Bobbi Misick and blogger Rod McCullom of Rod 2.0 was a GLAAD nominee.

Nathan James and GBM News Top 15 Most Powerful People of Color in the LGBT Community includes:

  1. Film producer, television producer, and entertainment attorney Nathan Hale Williams
  2. Director Maurice Jamal
  3. Taiwanese Designer Jason Wu
  4. Author and commenter Keith Boykin
  5. Army officer and face of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Lt. Dan Cho
  6. Comedian Margaret Cho
  7. Pro-basketball player Sheryl Swoopes
  8. Emory University HIV/AIDS researcher Dr. David Malebranche
  9. Director and screenwriter Patrik-Ian Polk
  10. Singer Ricky Martin
  11. Author E. Lynn Harris
  12. Radio Personality DJ Baker
  13. Fashion Icon Andre Leon Talley
  14. Pastor, TV producer, and author Rev. Kevin E. Taylor
  15. Actor and author Stanley Bennett Clay

Some of their profiles:

E. Lynn Harris is the author of Just As I Am and Basketball Diaries and mentor to many black authors, gay and straight. His first book, Invisible Life, helped launch the careers of author black gay authors such as Terrence Dean, Clarence Nero, and James Earl Hardy (best known for the B-Boy Blues series).

Nathan Hale Williams is best known for co-starring in the Sundance Channel reality series Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys and worked on the film, Dirt Laundry. He’s the iN-Hale Entertainment.

At 26, Jason Wu was asked by Andre Leon Talley to design Michelle Obama’s dress for her Inaugural Gown. Now his designs are available at Bergdorf Goodman.

DJ Baker is a radio personality and creator/producer/host of Da Doo-Dirty Show, a hip/hop and R&B radio show (All Digital Radio Network, Qnation.fm, and K-Zone 187.1) which features news, gossip, and showcases LGBT and indie artists.

Directors Maurice Jamal and Patrik-Ian Polk are best known for their projects Ski Trip and Noah’s Arc. Maurice Jamal is the creator of the GLO Network, the world’s first Urban LGBT network. GLO offers TV programming and movies online currently. Patrik-Ian Polk is currently developing a Noah’s Arc series spin-off for Logo TV and a drama series for BET.

David J. Malebranche, MD, MPH, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Emory University’s School of Medicine, HIV researcher and advocate, and “is known as a dynamic speaker nationwide and has appeared in documentaries on CNN, ABC News Primetime, TV One and BET for his expertise on HIV in the Black community. Malebranche wrote “A Letter to Oprah” after watching her show about a woman who sued her husband for 12 million dollars because she contracted HIV from him. Read the entire letter below. Interesting enough The Oprah Winfrey Show received Outstanding Talk Show Episode from GLAAD for the episode “Ricky Martin Coming Out as a Gay Man and a New Dad.”

For more profiles go to GBM News.

Unfortunately Nathan James’ list did not include any transgendered or gender queer leaders and/or personalities of color. The list could have included RuPaul legendary drag performer, musician, and creator of the amazing Rupaul’s Drag Race on LOGO. Rupaul’s next album, Glamazon, is set to be released later this year (I know it’ll be “fierce fierce fierce).

Prominent transgender and gender queer celebrities include icon Amanda Lepore, Brazilian model and muse of Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci Lea T who posed nude in French Vogue, appeared in Givenchy’s Fall 2010 ad campaign, and famously interviewed by Oprah, actress and performer Candis Cayne, transman pornstar Buck Angel who bills himself as “The Man With a Va jay jay,” transman photographer and activist Loren Cameron, and New York performer, actress, and producer Laverne Cox who appeared on “I Want to Work For Diddy” (which won a GLAAD award for “Outstanding Reality Show) and co-produced Being T, a documentary looking into the lives of 12 transgendered New York women. Being T was executive produced by Janet Jackson. Cox has appeared on HBO’s series “Bored To Death” and the documentary “I Am The Standard.” Also Andre J international personality most-known for his cover of French Vogue and his gender bending style.

Maybe MSN’s WonderWall or Nathan James’ list for next year will include trans or gender queer leaders and/or personalities.

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